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What is Timmins 2020?

Your vision. Your community. Your plan.

Timmins 2020 is a Community Strategic Plan that is changing Timmins for the better. From now until 2020, thirty Timmins 2020 projects will help us improve our quality of life, diversify, and become more competitive. You can learn about what’s happening by reading the latest news above, subscribing to our monthly e-newsletter or by clicking on a specific project. You can narrow your search by using the “Project Overview” drop-down box in the top menu. We hope you’ll like what you see and get involved!

Featured Strategic Plan Projects

Aligning Skills with Demand


About Aligning Skills with Demand Business and industry participants feel it's essential to ensure training programs and facilities align with demands of both conventional industry and new economy employers. The Aligning Skills with Demand Project ...

Local Benefit Agreements


About Local Benefit Agreements Without businesses, it would be hard to have a thriving community, but without a healthy, prosperous community, it's hard to make a business successful. Economists and corporations all over the world ...

Community Calendar


About the Community Calendar How can we find out what's going on in Timmins? That's the question that came up over and over again at the strategic plan consultations. Participants wanted to create a single ...